Using the stove for heating

Our house has gas fired central heating, but 2 years ago we had a wood burning stove installed, as an alternative means of heating. I made friends with a local tree surgeon who keeps me busy with a constant supply of freshly cut logs. It seems that winter is more or less over now, so I feel confident that we can claim that this winter we didn’t need to use the gas heating once.

Its been more than a year since we used the gas to heat the house; an achievement we are proud of. It takes a lot of work to cut, stack and dry all our fuel. Lighting the fire every day and keeping it burning is a small chore but it requires attention.

There were several factors that made this possible. Firstly this winter was relatively mild. Secondly we had built up a big supply of wood over the last two years which mean we had enough seasoned wood to keep us going.

Relying on the stove as our only means of heating is challenging but also rewarding. By using this free supply of wood for heating our house, we save a money on our fuel bills, and also help the environment but reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Funny Train Announcements

A few years ago I would commute to work every day by train. Here are some announcements I collected during these journeys:

Short trains

I would like to apologise for the short formation of the train today. This is due to unavailable stock available. I do apologise for the short formation of the coaches this evening.

A regular conductor

We are just arriving at London Bridge where this service will terminate. Please remember to take all your baggage personal belongings with you. Please don’t forget mobile phones, laptop computers, gloves, scarves, bobbly hats, umbrellas, sandwiches, livestock, artificial limbs. and if you have any children, please take them with you as well. Thank you for travelling with Southern. let’s hope the rest of your day is wonderful.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor speaking. I have a brief announcement for you this evening, how can I put it, well, we have pigs on the line this evening. Once the pigs are cleared we can be on our way as soon as possible

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor speaking. We still have no more news on the pig situation. All I can do is apologise for the delay. Hopefully we will be on our way very soon.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor speaking. Once again I do apologise for the delay on this service. We still haven’t sorted out the problem with the livestock running about on our network. Once again i do apologise for the delay on this service but i actually do not know how long we are going to be here

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor speaking. I am just letting you know there is movement up in front so give it a few minutes and we will be on our way. Once again i do apologise for the delay on our service this evening

This was the last we ever heard about the pig situation.

Video: There’s A Way That I Walk

This is a song I wrote with Rebekah. Well, she wrote the words and the music, and I helped when she got stuck.

This was a time in our life when I was out of the house working in the city for 12-14 hours a day, and she was at home in the countryside with the children. The video tries to capture this disconnect in our lives at that time.

It’s also on vimeo if youtube isn’t your cup of tea.

Growing Wild

In January 2015 I set a new years resolution to finish my album in 2015.

I started writing the songs for this album when we moved to the little house by the woods back in 2010. I wrote these songs walking in the woods and fields, and in central London where I was working. Many of the songs were recorded in the shed, complete with woodburning stove:

As always life got in the way, we moved from our little house in 2013 and the songs sat unloved for a few years. This year I wanted to set them free. I had hoped to have more time to polish them, but the deadline is 2015. There were also sadly a number of songs that didn’t make it. In the spirit of “done is better than perfect”, my “new” album, Growing Wild is now available on Bandcamp.


I say “I”, but Rebekah wrote one of the songs.